"What if I fail?"  That's the 2nd thought that rushed my mind as the idea for Project SAS 10 came to me.  The 1st thought was this - "I want my life to have purpose and meaning outside of my circle.  I want to be able to leave this earth someday knowing that I made a difference!  Hoping that there will be people in this world who laughed more, hoped more, and lived better because I decided to step out and be brave."  After all, these things have all been bestowed to me by caring people, and I desire to deliver to others that same life changing HOPE!  Prayer for change is common. We have the power to create change, and I think we are all the answer to someone's prayer.   


Though I got the idea for Project SAS 10 in late 2016/early 2017 it wasn't until May of 2017 that my husband and I officially announced the Project - just in time for Scoliosis Awareness Month in June. My husband and I committed to provide 10 Scoliosis Activity Suits to patients in need as we saved and raised funds. We estimated it to take several years to provide the 10 suits.

Well, we stepped out in faith and others have joined us to provide HOPE. In 2017 we were able to provide 5 suits.  We just gave away 2 more suits in February of 2018.  In 9 months we've been able to giveaway 7 suits, and we plan to keep going and see how many people we can help.  


In August 2017 we decided to turn this into a Nonprofit Organization and got our incorporation.  Just recently in December 2017 we received IRS approval and are now a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization called - The Crooked Life Foundation. It's work for certain, but I have the passion.

My pain became my passion.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12 years old.  I watched and waited. My curve eventually progressed to over 40 degrees as an adult.  I visited several orthopedic doctors throughout my journey who advised me that it was best to just live with it.  I wasn't presented with any treatment options. I was very self-conscience, in pain, had a noticeable postural deformity, and feared for my future.  I felt helpless for over 20 years!  Then 3 years ago my life changed when I found a rehab based scoliosis treatment program. I had HOPE! It's such an amazing feeling, and I desire others to experience this same HOPE!  


My husband and I are moving forward with a vision to help bring HOPE to people's lives.  Hope is out there, but some people do not have the finances to access it.  One at a time we will bring change!    So, we move forward with passion, and as others see our vision and join with us - we will begin to shine brighter and make a larger impact.


Marce Kuhns

President of The Crooked Life Foundation

Marce Kuhns: President & Treasurer

Rob Kuhns: Vice-President

Helen Rice: Secretary

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