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What We Do!

We deliver HOPE to scoliosis patients one by one by providing Scoliosis Activity Suits to patients without sufficient means to attain one. 

How: Once enough donations have been received to provide a suit to a scoliosis patient in need - we announce it on our Facebook page Crooked Life Foundation.  Scoliosis patients are then able to submit their story/information to be considered.  A patient will be selected and notified by the date indicated in the announcement.  Expenses for the Activity Suit, x-ray, consult, doctor's visit are covered.  Travel expenses are not included.

In addition, we will post updates of the amount needed to provide the next suit on our Facebook page.  Once enough funds are raised we will open up a "Submit Story" button on this site. See our FAQ's for more info.



We post updates on our facebook page each time we provide a suit, to give updates on how close we are to providing another suit, and to notify scoliosis patients when they can submit their story/information to be considered for a suit. Follow our Facebook page here- Crooked Life Foundation

Founder of The Crooked Life Foundation with Suit Recipient Mary, and Dr. Morningstar (Developer of the ScoliSMART Activity Suit)
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