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Recipient 15


"I just can't stop thanking you for all that you do, what you have done for me!  Pain was almost nonexistent while I was wearing the suit (yesterday).  I am looking forward to the future for the first time with more HOPE than I ever imagined!"

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Recipient 4


"The Activity Suit has been a miracle in my life.  I could only get around using a walker before I got the suit, less than two weeks after I started to wear it I parked my walker and have only used it once since.  It literally gave me my life back."


Recipient 10


"The Crooked Life Foundation means so much to me because they helped me when I thought there was no more HOPE.  For those of you that do not know, I have scoliosis, and now thanks to Marce & her husband Rob, as well as many others who helped to donate money & give of their time - I have this amazing Activity Suit that I can wear anywhere, even to work, that has provided me so much relief."


Recipient 13


"The SAS has been HUGE, because for me it is THE ONLY OPTION/HOPE I have, and in a short time I have had some noticeable changes."


Recipient 12


"The SAS has been truly a blessing!  My husband is always commenting on the improvement in my spine.  And I've already been able to wear a few outfits to church that I wouldn't before because of my curve.  Since I started wearing my SAS, I have almost no back pain, and now I sleep at night."

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