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 We are providing a ScoliSMART Activity Suit to someone without sufficient means to attain one!

Submit story through Dec. 17, 2023; Recipients to be revealed on our Facebook page Dec. 23, 2023

Eligibility to Submit Story

  • Patient must be 18 years old.  The suit is a "stand alone" treatment for adults.

  • Must reside in the United States.

  • Must fill out the application form completely.  

  • Must have scoliosis, and be a good candidate for the ScoliSMART Activity Suit. *Upon selection, the recipient will need to provide an x-ray picture (less than 5 years old) to the fitting doctor to verify this.  

  • If selected - must be able to travel to the indicated fitting location by the date/time indicated - travel expenses not included.

  • Family income must be below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (see chart), and must describe in the application the financial barriers that prevent the purchase of a Suit.            

  • Must read our FAQ's to learn more details about what we do -  FAQ's -Click Here



Note:  All boxes must be completed to submit form.

Federal Poverty Level Chart

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit has a Supportive Function and an Active Function. The Active Function requires walking to stimulate muscles surrounding your curvature. Are you able to walk and be active to utilize the Active Function of the suit?
I Agree:
I Agree:
I Agree that all of the info below is correct:

Lastly, I understand that only one recipient is selected each time enough funds are raised to provide a suit.  I understand that if I'm not selected as the recipient of this suit I'm welcome to apply again in the future as long as I meet the charity's eligibility requirements.  

The Crooked Life Foundation values integrity, hope, and respect; and hopes that all will be supportive and happy for each recipient selected. 


I understand that it is considered unacceptable to contact the charity or its partners to express anger or discontent about not being selected.  The Crooked Life Foundation works hard to help as many as possible and desires to focus its efforts on providing HOPE.  

Thank you for submitting your story!  It has been received.

When clicking the "Submit" button you should get a message thanking you for submitting your story.  If that message does not appear then scroll up and look for any red highlighted boxes in the form that still needs to be completed.  All boxes must be completed in order to submit the form. 

Suit Recipient Experience

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